What is Studio?

Trigger Studio is a handpicked community of the best professional creative and production talent – people like you. We are the creative arm of Trigger, a creative tech business that works in collaboration with leading consumer brands, helping them to increase campaign effectiveness through premium, original content. 

So how does it work?

It’s simple. When we receive a brief from a client, our Talent Manager carefully selects a handful of talents from the Trigger Studio Community. We make sure that these people are right for the project, based on their skills and experience, so you won’t receive briefs from us that aren’t relevant to you.

If you’re chosen , we’ll check your availability and ask you if you’d like to be put forward. If you say yes, we’ll put relevant examples of your work forward to the client. If you’re selected to work on the project (hooray!), we’ll agree your fee and then you’re ready to go!

Who manages the project?

We always oversee any project you work on through us. We have also created a bespoke piece of software, called ‘Hub’, that helps everyone involved in the project to follow it from start to finish.

Who pays me? You or the client.

You’ll send your invoice to us at the end of the project and we will process your payment.

What is the pay like?

We always pay on or above industry standard rates. We take no commission from you. The rate that is agreed is the amount you’ll be paid. You send us your invoice at the end of the project.

Do you take a commission from my day rate?


Where can I see examples of Trigger Studio content?

I have more questions! Who should I contact?

Use the form below to email our Head of Talent, Heather, with any questions you have.

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